MpT speed rope

MpT’s speed cable jump rope is made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum life. Our product includes a downloadable exercise manual to enhance workout experience and make sure get the most of skipping rope.

With the ability to utilize this cable jump rope conveniently during cardio exercises, will be able to enhance the effectiveness of each cardio workout with ease. This is the perfect jump rope for anyone from a beginner to an expert in fitness.

Designed for speed

The easy grip handles have a unique rotating-rod design, with the cord exiting at a perpendicular angle. This ensures fast spinning without tangling. This 90-degree smooth handle turning rotation is perfect for helping master double-unders.

Key benefits

Great cardio
Train with the pro's whether are participating in fitness, boxing, mma, or just getting in a home workout, this jump rope fits all. Used for double unders, criss crosses, high knees, and all ranges of jump rope steps that will not twist while work.

Travel ready
The small, light jump rope is ready to go wherever are and only requires small space to jump in without weather or location concerns. Dominate double unders while on the go and never miss a cardio workout session in order to stay in good shape.

Fully adjustable
Easy to adjust using two sliding screws and collars that sets the handles at a specific length on the cable.Easy to adjust using two sliding screws and collars that sets the handles at a specific length on the cable. Excess cable length can then be cut off for convenience. This way ’ll have custom sized jump rope.

Master jump

Not all jump ropes are equal, MpT is designed for speed. From the steel cable to the rotating rods, this design will give an incredible workout. Challenge self. Push boundaries. And expect to have the workout can only get with speed jumping.

About our product

  • Speed jumping rope

  • Appropriate for cardio exercises

  • Easy grip handles

  • Fast spinning without tangling

  • Easy to adjust

  • Small and convenient

  • Downloadable exercise manual

Price: €29.99

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